A father’s efforts to protect his son from harm encountered lawyer neglect, hostility, misconduct and finally revenge. To protect careers, a cover-up ensued, orchestrated by lawyers.  From beginning to end, Beyond Outrage exposes the self-serving flaws that leave our legal system not only inadequate to serve justice, but itself an instrument of injustice.

Beyond Outrage tells a story that resulted in the largest libel judgment in the history of Wisconsin. The author wasn’t in court that day. In fact, no defense evidence was presented or reviewed; it was a default judgement intended only to avoid exposing local lawyer corruption. After reading the story you will agree that defense was not welcome in any case.

A trial and media content had one purpose: to protect people prominant in the local legal system from exposure.

Protecting a corrupt Milwaukee lawyer and judge from public exposure centered around two essential pieces of information deliberately contrived to deceive the public: 1) providing Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization, with false information that this author was “armed and dangerous;” 2) the submission of falsified psychological reports to the court, stating the opposite of two official reports that found the author to have been truthful and suffering from no emotional/mental issues.  Because reports positive for the author undermined false statements made by Judge David Hansher and Lawyer Martin Kohler, summaries thereof were fabricated to state the opposite, substituting for the original reports.  The label “armed and dangerous” combined with false psychological reports made for a vile brew that intentionally misused the Interpol organization to conceal local corruption.

Here: Notification from Interpol that false information provided by Milwaukke has been deleted from their files and there is no Interpol notice pending against the author.

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