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A father’s efforts to protect his son from harm encounter lawyer neglect, hostility and wrongdoing. To protect careers, a cover-up ensues that extends beyond lawyers to police, judges, and psychologists, spanning three continents over 18 years. From beginning to end, Beyond Outrage exposes the self-serving flaws that leave our legal system not only inadequate to serve justice, but itself an instrument of injustice.


When people in law enforcement and the legal system are caught violating the rules, the truth can prove a dangerous thing.

Evidence hidden by Shorewood Police Chief David Banaszynski (concealed for 12 years after the trial, release finally required an “incentive”)

Exposure of a letter hidden from the jury by police would have changed the course of a trial, and the life of an abused child.



The falsification of mental health reports in Milwaukee: How a federal judge was misled; a fraudulent report separated father from son, helping conceal legal system wrongdoing by discrediting a critic.



Synopsis and the Murder of Erich One



Beyond Outrage tells a story that resulted in one of the largest libel judgments in the history of Wisconsin. The author wasn’t in court that day. In fact, no evidence was presented or reviewed; it was a default judgement. After reading this story you may agree that defense was not welcome in any case; the “fix” had been in, right from the start.


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