The following links explore various aspects of the same problem: a legal system/law enforcement that is less than adequately accountable.

The Price of a Life: New Yorker

Detectives buried documents: NY Times

Prosecutorial misconduct to the extreme: NY Times

Innocence on death row: NY Times

Courtroom prosecutorial misconduct:  Arizona Republic

Soviet-style punishment for U.S.A. author: The Atlantic

PBS Frontline video: The Confessions

The Reid technique, police interrogations and false confessions. New Yorker

PBS Frontline video: The Plea

The story of Michael Morton: CBS 60 Minutes video

False confessions, police coercion, wrongful conviction. Provides an excellent explanation of why practical reasons prevent redress of injustice. From The New Yorker.

Widespread forensic errors in death penalty cases attributed to FBI. Washington Post

Huffington Post. Why bad New York cops get away with abuse.

Fresh doubts over a Texas execution. Washington Post.

Culture of violence and fear at correctional institution. NY Times.

How the Supreme Court protects bad cops. NY Times

Systematic, years-long denial of 1400 abuse cases in Britain.  NY Times

Judges can override juries to impose death penalty. The New Yorker

A claim of innocence no longer bars probation/parole: NY Times

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