Mark Inglin has worked as a scientist, educator, translator, editor and writer in the United States, Switzerland and South Africa. For the last 20 years, he has focused on disclosing corruption in the legal system in Wisconsin and related child abuse in booklets, essays and other publications. During that time his message has remained officially unwelcomed, denied, and even outlawed through the largest libel judgments in Wisconsin history. His goal is two-fold: to reunite with his son via a true history and to expose legal system excess.

Prevented from writing the truth in the Milwaukee, in 2004 the author moved to Switzerland, where he continued publishing in contravention of a Milwaukee court order that demanded he stop exposing local lawyers. In 2010, without any such history, U.S. Marshals abruptly labeled him “armed and dangerous” following an online publication that disclosed corruption involving prominent Milwaukee lawyers and a judge. For a time, Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization, issued a notice against the author. After examining the facts, however, Interpol deleted the false information provided by Milwaukee.  A part of that information included falsified psychological reports submitted to the court and then exploited as official to smear the author. These were intended to combine with “armed and dangerous” to frighten people, to deflect from Milwaukee lawyer corruption, and a tainted trial.

The provision of intentionally false information to a court is a felony crime. Yet the community of lawyers in Milwaukee ignores the crime and remains silent. The reason? Their own are involved.

Here: Notification from Interpol that false information provided by Milwaukke has been deleted from their files and there is no Interpol notice pending against the author.

The following quote by Studs Terkel is particularly applicable to this publication:

” I have always felt, in all of my books, that there is a deep decency in the American people and a native intelligence, providing they have the information.

Beyond Outrage is the author’s attempt to provide information counter to false information intended to decieve the public. It’s purpose is also to cause outrage against lawyers and judges who focus on protecting local, intertribal misconduct as opposed to serving justice.

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